Ugandan maize demanded low at Busia as Kenyans prepared for elections.

July 24, 2017

Maize price at Busia produce traders’ market declined as the quality delivered to market got better given the clear dry weather. Traders talked in this market noted that the moisture content level was better compared to the previous fortnight.
Apparent this situation has had two effects on the grain market at Busia. The volumes traded at this regional market declined due to low demand from the Kenyan counter parts. There were few traders who turned up demanding for maize. The volumes traded dropped from an estimated 1000MT daily to 800MT. Trading activities at the border were reduced as the election in Kenya draw near. Secondly there was some demand for the least acceptable quality that is usually bought for animal feeds. The least acceptable quality was offered at Ksh.23/kg from Ksh.27/kg previously. Good quality grain price reduced from Ksh.29/kg to Ksh.27/kg (Ugx.). Meanwhile the price of maize at the different source areas in Kiboga, Mubende, Masaka were not changed and this had a effect on the profit margins for the traders at Busia.
Sorghum was demanded high for about 2 weeks. This order was done fastand by the conclusion of the week there was no demand for it. An estimated 700-500 tons were purchased every day within that period. Sorghum was delivered from Soroti, Kumi, Bukedea and the nearby production locations.
Other commodities demanded by Kenyan traders in this market included Millet at Ksh.50-52/kg, Groundnuts at Ksh.130/kg, Green grams at Ksh.52/kg, Soya beans at Ksh.42/kg and cassava chips at Ksh.44/kg.
Maize price in the western region especially Mbarara remained high due to adverse dry weather effects. It was offered at Ugx.1000/kg wholesale price. The grain price dropped in Tororo to Ugx.700/kg as harvest season commenced in Budama region. There was also additional supply delivered from Busoga region and Kampala. Traders from Iganga delivered maize to Soroti at Ugx.1100/kg however the price declined to Ugx.870/kg at the end of the week. Aponye Uganda bought white maize in Iganga at Ugx.850/kg. They also sold some white maize to Busia traders.
In Masindi, Afgri Kai bought maize at Ugx.800/kg while at farmgate it went for Ugx.700/kg.
Meanwhile in Kampala the grain price dropped to Ugx.850-870/kg especially in Kafumbe Mukasa Rd. market. Plenty of grain was delivered from mainly the central region districts.
There was a slight beans price increment in Kampala due to the fact that less supply was reported delivered to market. The much preferred Short Nambale (Nabe1) and yellow beans cost Ugx.2500 and Ugx.2400/kg respectively. Other varieties such as Rosecoco and mixed beans were offered at Ugx.2200/kg and Ugx.1650/kg respectively. In Masindi yellow and Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2600 and Ugx.2500/kg wholesale price.
Over 500-700 MT of assorted beans were delivered to Busia produce market destined for Kenya. Yellow beans were bought at Ksh.72/kg, Nambale at Ksh.63/kg, Mixed beans at Ksh.52/kg and Ksh.60/kg. Traders were registered from a number of Kenyan towns such as Nakuru, Eldort, Naivasha, Mwingi, Sultan Hamud, Kitwe, Nairobi and Mumias.
Matooke wholesale prices were on the rise and in Mbarara bunches from the garden went for Ugx.8000-17,000 depending on size. When they ventured inland, traders purchased bunches cheaper at Ugx.9000-11,000. In Kampala and its suburbs, bunches were offered at Ugx.13,000- 40,000. Matooke price was expected to increase highly in the near future because of reduced supply.
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