The produce market at Busia border post registered very high demand for beans at the opening of September, however, supply was low. Only 200Mt of assorted beans varieties were traded daily throughout the first week of September. Yellow and sugar beans were preferred by the transit traders from Kenya.

Yellow beans were bought at Ksh.98/kg (Ugx.3430) while sugar beans from Rwanda at Ksh.120/kg (Ugx.4200). These beans were recorded very scarce and supply low. Short Nambale beans cost Ksh.82/kg (Ugx.2870). Red Wailimu and mixed beans were offered at Ksh.72/kg (Ugx.2520) and Ksh.69/kg (Ugx.2415).

By the second week, less beans sale was registered in the same market due to reduced supply. The market here received only about 100Mt of assorted beans daily. Volumes traded decline gradually. Yellow beans preferred were offered at Ksh.97/kg (Ugx.3395), Nambale beans reduced from Ksh.82/kg to Ksh.79/kg (Ugx.2765), Red Wailimu beans dropped Ksh.2/kg to Ksh.70/kg (Ugx.2450) and Mixed beans declined from Ksh.69/kg to Ksh.65/kg (Ugx.2275).

Other commodities demanded by Kenyan transit traders included Sorghum at Ksh.25/kg (Ugx.875), Millet at Ksh.32/kg (Ugx.1120), Dry cassava at Ksh.20/kg (Ugx.700), Soya beans at Ksh.49/kg (Ugx.1715), groundnuts at Ksh.145/kg (Ugx.5075),green grams at Ksh.86/kg (Ugx.3010) and simsim at Ksh.135/kg (Ugx.4725). 

Mid-month, the volume of beans delivered to Busia border produce market further declined drastically. Yellow beans price stabilized (Ugx.3385), Nambale beans were stable at Ksh.81-82/kg (Ugx.2826). Red wailimu beans and mixed beans recorded an increase to Ksh.72/kg (Ugx.2512) and Ksh.64/kg (Ugx.2233) respectively.

Other commodities demand by Kenyan transit traders at Busia mid-month at an increased price included, Simsim at Ksh.140/kg (Ugx.4886) and Cassava at Ksh.22/kg (Ugx.767).   

The final week at Busia border market, recorded more supply of newly harvested beans. Over 600MT of assorted beans were bought off daily. Yellow beans were bought at Ksh.95/kg (Ugx.3325), Nambale beans at Ksh.86/kg (Ugx.3010), Red Wailimu at Ksh.72/kg (Ugx.2520), Rosecoco beans at Ksh.87/kg (Ugx.3045) and Mixed beans at Ksh.65/kg (Ugx.2275). 

During the opening of the month, Kampala received beans from the republic of Rwanda, Tanzania and Paidha. The quality from Rwanda was good and offered higher at Ugx.3600/kg while that from Tanzania and Paidha at Ugx.3200/kg and Ugx.3300/kg respectively.  Other varieties supplied to this market included Short Nambale (Nabe1) at Ugx.3500-3600/kg, Sugar beans cost Ugx.3600/kg wholesale and Long Nambale (Nabe4) beans were offered at Ugx.3300-3400/kg.

By the second week of September, new harvest from Hoima reached Kampala market. This supply rendered short Nambale cheaper at Ugx.3300/kg, long Nambale at Ugx.2800-3000/kg especially in Owino market.

Bean prices were stable mid-month until the end of September. Other varieties such as Rosecoco, Kanyebwa and mixed beans were delivered. The volume of beans supplied also increased towards the close of September. Supply was registered from Kagadi, Hoima, Kiboga, Masaka e.t.c. Some yellow beans were also registered from Tanzania.

In the production locations such as Kyegegwa, Hoima, Mubende, Gulu, Masaka, Kyankwanzi and Tororo, Yellow and Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2500-2700/kg wholesale price.

Beans were much cheaper in Mbale and Kapchorwa at Ugx.2000-2200/kg especially varieties that are high yielding in those locations. In Kabale and Rukiga districts single colour and mixed beans were offered at a high price for (Ugx.3500/kg and Ugx.3000/kg respectively). Several markets registered reducing beans prices at the conclusion of the month of September.

Harvesting maize continued into the month of September. The quality should have been better but the presence of rainfall affected it. The maize price in Kampala fluctuated at the onset of the month between Ugx.880-900/kg especially in Kisenyi, Nalukolongo-Nateete markets. Low grain prices were registered in Mubende, Masindi, Lira, Kiboga and Kyankwanzi at averagely Ugx.680-700/kg wholesale price confirming harvesting.

By the second week the grain price in Kampala increased to Ugx.920/kg. Towards the end of the month, it increased to Ugx.950-970/kg in the same market.

In the final week of September it further increased to Ugx.1050/kg. The quality had greatly improved and most grain buying houses started stocking maize in Kampala. Maize was reported cheap in Lira, Soroti and Kyankwanzi districts at Ugx.700/kg.

In the eastern region especially Teso sub region, the southern areas had completed harvesting while the upper area, harvesting was reported going on. Therefore preparation for, planting and harvesting were taking place at the same time. In Masindi AfgriKai bought maize at its stores at Ugx.800/kg. Maize trading was reported at Mutukula border post where Tanzanian traders bought maize at Ugx.960/kg.

Grain trading at Busia regional border produce market registered high demand at the opening of September. Many transit traders turned up demanding for maize. Good quality maize was bought at Ksh.29/kg (Ugx.1015). An estimated 1000Mt were sold on a daily basis throughout the month of September. Buying price fluctuated between Ksh.28/kg (Ugx.977) and Ksh.29/kg (Ugx.1050) mid-month until the end.

Apparently other staple foods such as Matooke, cassava, millet, rice and sweet potatoes were available and affordable. Medium size bunches of Matooke cost averagely Ugx.15,000-17,000 each. Fresh cassava and sweet potatoes were sold in heaps at a cost of Ugx.1,000-2,000. Millet in Kampala was almost at its lowest.

The market reported receiving super rice from within and outside the country in particular Tanzania. From within, Super rice that is usually grown in swampy areas or referred to as Paddy rice was received from production locations such as Mbale, Tororo, Busoga region, Gulu, Lira, Hoima and Kihihi. The cheapest rice was offered at Ugx.2,800/kg in Lira and Gulu. In Kampala, super rice was offered at Ugx.3500/kg wholesale, however, the supply from Tanzania cost Ugx.3400/kg. It was offered at Ugx.3000/kg wholesale in Mubende, Soroti, Tororo and Mbale. Rice delivered from Mbale, Tororo, Gulu and Lira was offered at Ugx.3500/kg wholesale price in Kampala. Farmgain Africa.

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