Second season planting underway.

August 14, 2017

There were reports in various locations where some rainfall has been received that planting for the season B 2017 has started. Usually the first season is short and commodities are not well dried due to interruption of the 2nd season rainfall especially when it comes early. There are mixed reactions whether the rains are actually here. The farmers took no chances and have since opened up their garden for the next season.
According to June-August 2017 seasonal rainfall outlook, from Uganda National Meteorological authority (UNMA) the continuation of rainfall was mentioned for much of the northern region (1st season). Most of the country overall expected near normal to either below and above normal rainfall.
The maize price in general tendered higher in most locations, however, at Busia regional produce hub, there was no business due to the just concluded presidential election in Kenya. Most traders continue to stay away. Produce prices declined. Kenya is a big produce trading partner with Uganda and when it’s not buying maize from Uganda, business at Busia closes.
Good quality maize was bought at Ksh.25.5/kg (Ugx.) Ugx.877 while fair quality at Ksh.24.5/kg (Ugx.842). Less than 0.5Mt of maize was bought daily throughout the week.
Likewise the beans section registered very low trading throughout the week. An estimated 16-19Mt of assorted beans were bought daily throughout the week down from 100-200Mt every day.
Maize was offered at wholesale price of Ksh.50/kg (Ugx.1,720) in Nairobi while beans at a range between Ksh.73-112/kg (Ugx.2,511-3,852/kg) wholesale accordingly to Best Buys Kenya.
In Mubende and Kamwenge the maize price increased to Ugx.730/kg and Ugx.880/kg respectively. Rwandese traders continued to purchase maize and dry cassava chips at market price. Maize was bought at Ugx.800/kg in Masindi.
In Kampala the maize price increased to Ugx.900/kg, however, the maize flour price declined to Ugx.1760/kg in Kisenyi-Kafumbe Mukasa. Gulu offered the cheapest maize price at Ugx700/kg. Apparently beans prices in Kampala increased. Short Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2500/kg wholesale price. Yellow beans were offered at a higher price of Ugx.2700/kg. Rosecoco beans (Kahura) were sold at Ugx.2100-2200/kg wholesale in Owino market. Long Nambale beans were sold at Ugx.2200/kg.
Tomatoes supply continued to shrink rendering its price higher. A big ply weighing 110kgs cost Ugx. 400,000 delivered to Kampala. At farmgate, it was bought at Ugx.180,000. Other items that were offered very expensively included onions at Ugx.180,000-220,000/bag depending on source.

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