Second harvest getting ready as stock piles held from previous season.

October 30, 2017

The maize grain market was reported stable and declining in some production locations. In Kampala’s Kisenyi dry cereal market, maize was bought at Ugx.800-830/kg throughout the week. The transit traders met in Kisenyi noted that there was slow purchase of maize by millers and the maize price was likely to return to “the 2014 low price trend” when a bumper harvest was realized. The maize flour price was also gradually declining from a all time high Ugx.3000/kg to Ugx.1600/kg wholesale in Kampala and its suburbs. Food prices were recorded tending low apart from commodities out of supply.

In the major production locations, maize prices reduced to Ugx.550-750/kg wholesale price (See attached spread sheet). Traders holding maize in the rural areas were worried that they could lose money this season. They are speculating to sell off their grain at a loss (Ugx.900/kg). At the country side those who invested in cultivating maize this season were equally worried about the current low price trend. The yield is expected to be good due to the presence of rainfall until December.

Busia border post produce market continued to register very low trading with political in their way limiting movement around Kenya. Good quality maize was offered at Ksh.24/kg (Ugx.835), fair quality at Ksh.23.5/kg (Ugx.817) while the least acceptable maize quality was bought at Ksh.23/kg (Ugx.800)

Beans price dropped to Ugx.1700-2400/kg depending on variety preferred in Kampala’s major markets. Yellow beans cost Ugx.2300-2400/kg given the quality. Mixed beans were offered at Ugx.1500/kg wholesale price. Supply of newly harvested beans to the city was registered from Hoima, Kibaale, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Masindi, Mubende, Lira and Gulu.

In Nairobi different Ugandan grown bean varieties were bought at Ksh.84/kg (Ugx.2923) wholesale price. Apparently Rosecoco beans (Kahura) were demanded at a high price Ksh.106/kg (Ugx.3,688) Nabe 3,15,19 were some of the varieties demanded across.

Maize was bought at Ksh.40/kg (Ugx.1,392) in the same market. Details attached


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