Commodity market identification and Market Linkages via SMS Platform.

CAPCA granted Farmgain Africa granted funds to carry out a training intended to equip CAPCA staff and partners with practical skills required to establish and operate a community based market information system in their localities. The training workshop had 28 participants

Currently 496 CAPCA lead farmers are linked to the maize and coffee potential buying markets via SMS platform with commodity alerts from produce buyers such as Aponye Uganda,  Afrokai Uganda Ltd and Coffee specific markets like Savanah Commodities, Nucafe, Kyagalanyi, IBERO, KAWACOM and other local processors.

Caritas Maddo, Masaka Diocesan Development Organization, which a member of CAPCA is also enjoying the benefit of access to real timely and accurate buying quotes for 431 lead farmers in Masaka and beyond via the SMS platform.

Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network (EADEN) is a non-profit making church founded organisation since 2009 working with the people of Eastern Uganda to promote Socio-economic development and prosperity. EADEN is a network of Caritas Commissions in the Catholic dioceses of Eastern Uganda covering Busoga, Bugisu, Bukedi, Teso and Karamoja Sub regions.

Among the targeted communities are the farmers working towards transforming from subsistence to commercial farming. EADEN is directly supporting the development of nine farmer’s association’s with a membership of 64 groups of 30 farmers each with market alerts to 100 surplus production farmers.

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