Plenty of newly harvested beans were supplied to Kampala markets especially Kafumbe Mukasa and Owino. The quality is not yet good because it is one associated with high moisture content levels. Most of this supply has been reported coming from districts such as Masaka, Mubende, Mityana, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Kibaale, Masindi, Kiryandongo etc. The supply was also affected by the initial dry spell effects that were experienced early this year, however, germination was improved by the availability of rain.

Short Nambale beans variety was supplied most at Ugx.2000/kg while Long Nambale (Nabe 4) and K132 beans were delivered at Ugx.1900/kg. Yellow beans were the preferred variety at Ugx.2200/kg wholesale. In Kiboga, Mubende and Kyankwanzi, Short Nambale cost Ugx.1500-1800/kg farm gate price.

At Busia border, likewise, plenty of assorted varieties of beans were received which has also forced the market price low and apparently the price is expected even lower in the coming weeks. Approximately, 700-800MT of assorted bean varieties were delivered to Kenyan traders who usually clean, sort and re-bag before delivering to different locations in Kenya.
Yellow beans cost Ksh.85/kg (Ugx.2949) while Nambale cost Ksh.65/kg (Ugx.2255). The demand for mixed beans has since dropped which had an effect on its market price low. A kilo was offered at Ksh.55/kg (Ugx.1908) down from Ksh.66/kg (Ugx.2296) at the beginning of this week. Red beans were offered at Ksh.58/kg (Ugx.2012) while Saitoti beans cost Ksh.68/kg (Ugx.2359).

Plenty of millet continue to come through Kenya via Madera from Ethiopia and distributed to other towns via Busia especially Kampala. However, reports indicate that since it requires fermenting, it has not found market in Kenya. The Kenyan market is buying it through Busia after being mixed with millet from Uganda. Sorghum was bought at Ksh.46/kg (Ugx.1596).
Mbale received beans from Kampala, Mubende and Kamwenge at Ugx.1900-2000/kg.

Plenty of rice was received on Ugandan market from Tanzania via Mutukula together with other commodities such as groundnuts and cassava. Groundnuts at Mutukula cost Ugx.3750/kg depending on the quality. This has had an effect on the market price for rice and groundnuts low especially in Kampala. Rice cost Ugx.3000/kg in Kampala at wholesale while groundnuts at Ugx.4100/kg.
Maize price continues to increase steadily in all markets and some consumers have had fresh maize on cob especially in town suburbs. Kampala reported maize grain at Ugx.1630/kg at the beginning of the week and concluded the week at Ugx.1650/kg.

At Busia, about 800MT of maize were bought and delivered to Kenya on daily basis. Good quality maize was bought at Ksh.49/kg(Ugx.1705) at the beginning of the week, however, at the close of the week, the price declined to Ksh.46/kg (Ugx.1596). Maize was purchased at averagely Ugx.1500/kg wholesale at different stores in different production locations as demonstrated in the spreadsheet attached.
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