Newly harvested beans were received in major markets. In Kampala, new yellow beans were offered at Ugx.3500-3600/kg while old stock was offered slightly cheaper. Short Nambale variety sold at Ugx.3500-3600/kg, Large Nambale beans cost Ugx.3200-3300/kg. Rosecoco beans sold at Ugx.3000-3200/kg and Masavu (sugar beans) at Ugx.3600-3700/kg wholesale price. Supply was registered from Kagadi, Hoima, Kiboga, Masaka e.t.c. Some yellow beans were also registered from Tanzania.

Several markets registered reducing beans prices. In Mbale, yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2800/kg while short Nambale at Ugx.2000-2500/kg. In Gulu, Masaka, Kyankwanzi and Tororo beans were offered at Ugx.2800-3000/kg.

At the regional border market in Busia, new beans were received. Over 600MT were bought off daily. Yellow beans were bought at Ksh.95/kg (Ugx.3325), Nambale beans at Ksh.86/kg (Ugx.3010), Red Wailimu at Ksh.72/kg (Ugx.2520), Rosecoco beans at Ksh.87/kg (Ugx.3045) and Mixed beans at Ksh.65/kg (Ugx.2275) 

The grain market registered an increment in price in the past week. In Kampala, the grain price increased from Ugx.970/kg to Ugx.1050/kg. Traders indicated that maize was scarce. The presence of some Kenyan transit traders buying only good quality maize also excited the market. Most Millers bought maize claiming there was an increase in demand for maize flour. Apparently other staple foods such as Matooke, cassava, millet, rice and sweet potatoes were available and affordable.

Medium size bunches of Matooke cost averagely Ugx.15,000-17,000 each. Fresh cassava and sweet potatoes were sold in heaps at a cost of Ugx.1,000-2,000. Millet in Kampala was almost at its lowest. Rice delivered from Mbale, Tororo, Gulu and Lira was offered at Ugx.3500/kg wholesale price in Kampala.

In the production locations such as Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Masaka, Hoima, and Mubende within the central region, the grain price was maintained at Ugx.800-900/kg. The grain price is expected higher in the following weeks to come as it gets scarce.

The Border Produce market in Busia registered a decline in maize flowing out of Uganda to the regional market in Kenya. Good quality grain was bought at Ksh.32/kg (Ugx.1120) while fair quality at Ksh.31.5/kg (Ugx.1102). The least acceptable quality usually for animal feed was bought at Ksh.31/kg (Ugx.1085). An estimated 600Mt of grain was loaded daily to the Kenyan market throughout the week. The maize was increasingly getting scarce, leading to higher market price.

The market reported receiving super rice from within and outside the country in particular Tanzania. From within, Super rice that is usually grown in swampy areas or referred to as Paddy rice was received from production locations such as Mbale, Tororo, Busoga region, Gulu, Lira, Hoima and Kihihi. The cheapest rice was offered at Ugx.2,800/kg in Lira and Gulu. In Kampala, super rice was offered at Ugx.3500/kg wholesale, however, the supply from Tanzania cost Ugx.3400/kg. It was offered at Ugx.3000/kg wholesale in Mubende, Soroti, Tororo and Mbale.

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