Millet demanded high at Busia.

October 29, 2018

The millet price dropped low in the 1st harvest season of 2018 to Ugx.1000/kg in Kampala as demonstrated below. It declined low just like other crops were registered, however, it increased steadily as the season enrolled. When compared to last year’s market price, it dropped to Ugx.1700/kg in July, 2017 and fluctuated between Ugx.1700-1950/kg in August to October the same year.

Transit traders from Kenya turned up with a huge demand for millet at Busia this October. The buying price quickly increased from Ksh.32/kg to Ksh.34/kg estimated at Ugx.54/kg increment. This situation also registered an increment in the millet price at source and at wholesale level.

Over 300-200Mt of millet were loaded on trucks at Busia Produce border market destined for Kenya. Buyers continued to purchase it at Ksh.34/kg .

Elsewhere it was offered at Ugx.1600-1700/kg in Mbarara, Tororo and Arua. The cheapest source was in Gulu and Lira at Ugx.1400/kg.

The maize market price continued to stabilize at Ugx.540-550/kg in Kampala, however, traders in Kisenyi market noted that plenty of maize grain was received in the past week. Several Kampala grain traders were spotted in other rural markets purchasing maize such as Gulu and Mubende.

In Lira a number of traders stocked maize from other small holders. Buyers were mainly from Mbale.

More newly harvested beans were expected on the market in Kampala in the short run. Beans price was declining for especially Short Nambale and Yellow beans. New Nambale was purchased at Ugx.1600/kg off lorry Kampala while yellow beans at Ugx.1900-2000/kg. Large Nambale was much cheaper at Ugx.1500/kg off lorry in Kampala. Mixed beans were offered at Ugx.1200-1250/kg in the same market.

New beans harvest was reported in Mbale. This supply found market at Busia together with supply from western region (Masindi, Kibaale, Hoima). Beans price at farm gate was recorded at Ugx.1300-1500/kg.

At the regional produce hub in Busia reduced volumes of maize and beans were recorded.Yellow beans were bought at Ksh.48/kg,Short Nambale at Ksh.45/kg,Mixed beans at Ksh.35/kg and Red beans at Ksh.39/kg. Kidney beans were out of stock since there was no supply registered from Rwanda.

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