Grain trading at the border post market of Busia began with a low pace at the beginning of March as Kenyans winded up their short harvest leading to a less demand for Ugandan maize. Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.734/kg (Ksh.27) and a reduced volume of 800-900Mt daily were traded.

Mid-month, the Kenyan harvest reduced giving way to an increasing demand for Ugandan maize at Busia post and an increasing price of Ugx.849/kg (Ksh.29.5). The volume increased to 1400MT. Trading in cereals at this post increased drastically when very high demand for grain was registered in the third week. This demand met less supply further increasing the price for maize grain to Ugx.979/kg (Ksh.34). towards the closing week of the month, the price fluctuated slightly lower, however, volumes traded hit 2900-3000MT. At this time, a slowdown in purchasing by the Kenyan traders took place leading to a stockpile of a lot of maize at the border post and a resultant decline in price to Ugx.921/kg (Ksh.32) due delayed payments from the cereal boards.

In Kampala, low maize prices were reflected at the beginning of March and maize grain was offered at Ugx.630/kg due to low demand. Fluctuating prices were registered in the week that followed to Ugx.730/kg as more trading emerged at the regional border post of Busia which influenced the Kampala price higher. Mid-week, the grain market price shot to Ugx.900/kg. In the closing week, the maize price in Kampala declined slightly to Ugx.850/kg.

Very low demand, likewise, was registered for beans at Busia at the beginning of March mainly due to scarcity. Most traders at the border post had turned to beans trading due to a better demand when compared to maize. Nambale beans were preferred then at Ugx.3672/kg (Ksh.135) while Yellow beans at Ugx.3536/kg (Ksh.130). Wailimu beans were much cheaper at Ugx.2178/kg (Ksh.80) and mixed beans at Ugx.1849/kg (Ksh.68). More beans trading was identified in Northern Uganda in Gulu where transit traders delivered produce to avoid stockpiles at Busia.

Reduced bean prices were recorded mid-month due to low demand at Busia border post from the Kenyan traders. Yellow beans price declined to Ugx.3513/kg (Ksh.122/kg) which was the same offer price for: Army green, short Nambale and Rosecoco beans. At this time of the month, only 200-300Mt of assorted beans were traded daily. Other cheaper varieties such as large Nambale, Wailimu and mixed beans cost Ugx.2851/kg, Ugx.2073/kg, Ugx.1814/kg (Ksh.99,72 and 63/kg} respectively.

Gradual price increase was registered in the following week. Yellow beans increased to Ugx.3770/kg (Ksh.130), Nambale to Ugx.3480/kg (Ksh.120), Wailimu to Ugx.2465/kg (Ksh.85) and Mixed beans at Ugx.2175/kg (Ksh.75). This price increment excited the supply to 900-1200MT per day during the week. However, beans prices further fluctuated in the final week at the border post market to : Yellow Ugx.3393/kg(Ksh.117), Nambale Ugx.2755/kg (Ksh.95), Wailimu Ugx.2117/kg (Ksh.73) and Mixed beans Ugx.1885/kg (Ksh.65).

The situation in Kampala was different with a steady supply of beans making it cheaper than other markets at Ugx.3000-3200/kg at wholesale in the first two opening weeks. A slight increment in the wholesale price for beans was recorded at Ugx.3200-3500/kg mid-month. At the close of the month, less beans supply was recorded from the rural stockists, however, stable prices were recorded in Kampala’s markets. Northern region markets registered higher beans prices at Ugx.3500-3800/kg wholesale and supply was recorded from Hoima Masindi and Busia markets throughout the month.

The market was dominated with rice from Tanzania supplied to most major markets. In Kampala, two qualities were majorly supplied i,e, extra and regular qualities. The better quality was offered at Ugx.4200/kg wholesale. Grade Two rice from Tanzania was offered cheaper in Kampala at Ugx.3600-4000/kg. Super from Mbale was offered expensively at a higher price of Ugx.4500/kg at wholesale. However, due to impurities and stones, the product wasn’t preferred.

Good quality millet was received from Mbarara and was offered higher in Kampala at Ugx.2300/kg wholesale. Other varieties were also delivered from Lira, Soroti and Gulu at a cheaper price of Ugx.2000-2100/kg wholesale price. Small quantities of millet were offered at a higher price in Kapchorwa and Mubende.

Onions and tomatoes were extremely expensive especially in the closing week of the month which also doubled as the Easter festive week. A sack full of onions increased to Ugx.900,000-1,000,000 while a Ugandan box ply of tomatoes cost Ugx.450,000. Kenyan tomatoes were supplied to Kampala-Kisenyi market in smaller plys at half the price the Ugandan ply.

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