This  week, there was more demand for maize grain at the regional border market in Busia after closure of the Tanzanian-Kenyan borders that had registered newly harvested grain from Tanzania via Sirari and Namanga. The regional market price at Busia fluctuated between Ksh.29-30/kg for good quality grain. The least acceptable quality was offered between Ksh.25-27/kg. It was noted that more grain was received from different stockists, distributed around the country, delivered to Busia because the market was vibrant and more paying.

More than 300MT of maize were traded daily throughout the week indicating an increase in demand for maize from Uganda.

There was an increased supply of beans to Busia compared to the previous week with volumes increasing to 200MT per day. As usual, Yellow beans were preferred though at a cheaper price at Ksh.107/kg compared to Ksh.125/kg the previous week. Short Nambale beans were alsosupplied at a low price at Ksh.96/kg compared to Ksh.115/kg the previous week. Likewise, Red Wailimu beans were delivered at Ksh.82/kg, Saitoti and Rosecoco beans at Ksh.100/kg and Mixed beans at Ksh.80/kg.

Transit traders avoided Mutukula border post where a lot of produce is reported coming from Tanzania because of the Covid 19 scare. Maize, rice, groundnut and dry cassava are expected in the country usually before our harvest in June/July. The price of rice in some markets has already declined drastically due to this import. In Kampala the price of super rice from TZ dropped to Ugx.2600-3000/kg wholesale depending on quality. Maize at this border post was offered at Ugx.850-870/kg wholesale price.

Apparently, there was also big demand for Cassava at Busia border market trading at Ksh.18/kg.

Other commodities that were demanded in this market included Green grams at Ksh.72/kg, Simsim at Ksh.105/kg and Red beauty groundnuts at Ksh.120/kg.

Less demand for grain was registered in Kampala Kisenyi Millers market. The grain price was very stable at Ugx.950-960/kg wholesale. Plenty of other staples were received in this market thus rendering commodity prices very stable. Plenty of rice was received from Tanzania driving the market price lower to Ugx.2600-3000/kg.

Other commodities such as groundnuts, dry cassava and beans were also delivered from Tanzania to this market. Maize was on average offered at Ugx.900/kg in other rural markets.

Irish potatoes were received from various production locations such as Kisoro, Kabale, Mityana, Mubende, Kyotera-Masaka, Mbale, Kapchorwa and Kween districts. This has driven the market price low at Ugx.80,000/100kgs. However, the current rains in some of the above mentioned locations has led to fluctuation of prices in some of the above markets due to impassable roads.

In Tororo, the sorghum harvest and has led to a price decline as low as Ugx.500/kg. supply will not last long because there is not much this season expected. Likewise, in Kiboga and kyankwanzi and some other central districts. The current beans harvest was affected by some dry spells therefore not much is expected this season given the effect on the current harvest. Usually, the first seasonal harvest is not long. 

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