Several stockiest started buying and stocking maize grain in a number of locations. In Kamwenge, they bought maize at Ugx.900-920/kg depending on quality. The quality was better and well dried. Millers had also stepped up their purchases for providing posho.

In Kapchorwa, where it continued to rain, the quality of grain was not yet good. Maize was offered at Ugx.700/kg at wholesale. Kampala grain market maintained maize at Ugx.950/kg.

In Busia, Maize was bought at Ksh.28/kg (Ugx.977) indicating a slight decline in the market price. The least acceptable maize quality usually for animal feed was bought at Ksh.27/kg (Ugx.942) An estimated 1000Mt of grain was bought on a daily basis at Busia Border Produce market.

Newly harvested beans were delivered in Kampala from Hoima, Mbale and other production locations that received normal to below normal rainfall. A kilo of these beans was offered at Ugx.3300 at wholesale. The old stock beans registered stable market prices in Kampala markets at Ugx.3000-3500/kg depending on the quality.

Mbale registered cheaper prices all the beans varieties, averagely Ugx.2200/kg. Harvesting beans was also reported in Kapchorwa especially for Red Wailimu beans offered at Ugx.2000/kg at wholesale.

Kabale and Rukiga districts offered very high beans price for single colour and mixed beans at Ugx.3500/kg and Ugx.3000/kg respectively.

The volume of beans delivered to Busia border produce market declined drastically to only 100Mt per day during the week. Yellow beans were offered at Ksh.97/kg, (Ugx.3385) Nambale beans at Ksh.81/kg (Ugx.2826). Red wailimu beans and mixed beans were offered at Ksh.72/kg (Ugx.2512) and Ksh.64/kg (Ugx.2233) respectively.

Other commodities demand by Kenyan transit traders at Busia included Sorghum at Ksh.25/kg (Ugx.872), Millet at Ksh.34/kg (Ugx.1186), Simsim at Ksh.140/kg (Ugx.4886), Groundnuts at Ksh.145/kg (Ugx.5060),Cassava at Ksh.22/kg (Ugx.767).    

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