Maize price higher towards second harvest

November 28, 2018

Gradually less maize found its way to the market. The fact that small holder farmers cant stock grain beyond 2-3 months because of their rudimentary means of storage, the quality of grain would depreciate so quickly. Currently, the commercial traders are receiving Ugx.620-630/kg in Kampala major grain markets.
The maize flour price has also increased to Ugx.1200/kg at wholesale in the same major market.
Elsewhere at Busia border produce market, demand for maize grain increased and an estimated 500Mt of maize was recorded out informally on a daily basis. Good quality maize grain was bought at Ugx.658/kg (Ksh.18.3/kg) above the Kampala price which is an ideal situation. Maize was destined to many locations as far as Mombasa and Nairobi. Fair grain quality was bought at Ksh.18/kg while the least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds at Ksh.17.7/kg.
In the northern region market, maize was offered at Ugx.500/kg and Ugx.520/kg in Gulu and Lira respectively. Most of the grain was bought by millers processing food in their respective locations. Good quality maize flour was offered at Ugx.1200/kg wholesale price. In Mbale, maize was bought at Ugx.600/kg. Production locations across the country offered grain at a lower price compared to the above major markets.
Meanwhile, moderate supply of matooke was received from western Uganda distributed in several markets after Kampala. Medium size bunches cost Ugx.20, 000 off lorry Kampala. Other sources in the eastern region speculate that there will be good matooke supply from the Elgon Mt region this December.
The beans price stabilized in most markets especially Kampala. The major market registered good supply of a variety of beans. The most preferred yellow beans was bought at Ugx.1800-2000/kg off lorry Kampala. Short Nambale (Nabe1) beans were bought at Ugx.1800/kg wholesale. Large Nambale beans that are slowly losing the niche were offered cheaper at Ugx.1400-1450/kg.
At Busia border market, big trading for beans was recorded throughout the week. Beans were highly demanded by traders from across. Estimated 1000Mt of assorted beans was recorded informally across the border. Yellow beans cost Ksh.46/kg, Nambale beans Ksh.42/kg, Kidney and Red beans at Ksh.41/kg, and mixed beans at Ksh.39/kg. Beans were supplied to several markets from Bungoma, West of Kenya to the Coastal province-Mombasa, Nariobi, Kisumu, Ugunja, Shaya, Bondo, Luanda, Nyeri, Ukamba region.
In Gulu, the harvest of black beans (Lira lira) was reported going on. The population prefers these beans to other varieties such as yellow and Nambale. The black beans were offered at Ugx.1600/kg wholesale price while yellow and Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.2200 -2000/kg respectively. Some traders from Kenya bought Soya beans in Gulu and loaded their produce on trucks via Busia. Soya was bought at Ugx.1900-2000/kg depending on quality. The Kenyan traders also bought maize on cobs at a premium Ugx.600/kg. Simsim harvest was also reported going on which rendered the market price lower at Ugs.3500/kg wholesale.
The current supply from Gulu has had an impact on Kampala’s simsim price low.
Beans were offered at a cheaper price in Lira compared to Gulu prices. Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.1800/kg while Nambale beans at Ugx.1700/kg. Black beans cost Ugx.1600/kg and mixed beans at Ugx.1500/kg wholesale price.
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