Maize price fluctuates low.

February 27, 2018

There was a sudden increase in the maize gain price the previous week. The cause of price shift from Ugx.700/kg to Ugx.800/kg was not identified immediately but some pointers to this effect were noted. It is clear that the 2nd 2017 harvest is in full gear and the small holder farmers then surrender most of what they cultivated to the stockiest at around this time. That move alone is enough to excite the market. Some medium to large scale commercial farmers are however, capable of stocking their own harvest and sell off at better price. In Kampala the maize price settled at Ugx.750/kg. (Nateete, Kisenyi)

The increment in price registered in the rural areas dropped back by Ugx.50-100/kg at wholesale level. This was observed in markets such as Kiboga, Lira, Mubende e.t.c

Apparently some markets registered price increments in the maize grain section and these included Gulu, Kapchorwa, Iganga and Mbale.

At Kamwenge grain business was slow with less traders from Rwanda. They were in Lira purchasing good quality cassava chips at Ugx.600/kg. Maize was bought at a slow pace because farmers were hoarding it for better price. Less demand for maize was registered from neighboring Rwanda because of their current harvest that will end in the near future.

Trading at Mutukula was very low especially for maize grain because Uganda price was very similar to Tanzanian grain price. Other commodities such as yellow beans, cassava chips and super rice were equally very similar. Rice was offered at Ugx.175,000/ sack of 50kgs. (Ugx.3500/kg)

In Kapchorwa maize was bought at Ugx.800/kg and milled in Mbale Industrial area. Traders in Iganga delivered maize to Mbale and Busia but trading declined at Busia. It was purchased at Ugx.700-750/kg in Iganga and sold to millers in Mbale at Ugx.800/kg.

Beans didn’t register any change in price apart from receiving short Nambale and yellow beans from Rwanda. Plenty of stocked beans still held in rural stores however the quality was compromised in appearance by discoloring.

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