Maize price drops in Kampala.

September 11, 2017

The first harvest season this year begun late and received several business people engaged in stocking maize in numerous production locations. The market price declined to Ugx.830/kg in Kampala towards the end of July, 2017 indicating the opening of the season. In some known maize production locations it declined to as low as Ugx.630-700/kg wholesale price.
Given the maize price hike last year, several traders invested in maize trading this year and their involvement has rendered the market price unstable. It is believed that the seasonal harvest price started at a high level this season compared to previous years.
Last year, Kampala registered its first maize seasonal price low towards the end of June at Ugx.750/kg indicating the season was on time then. In 2015 the harvest season likewise was in time and maize was much cheaper at Ugx.580/kg in Kampala at the same time June, (Week.31)
During 2015-16 seasons the maize price was registered lower in the production locations at Ugx.450-550/kg compared to the current year at Ugx.700-730/kg in such areas as Kiboga, Masindi, Mubende and Iganga. Other factors distorting the maize price this year included the Kenyan election window which may continue to affect the grain price.
The Rwandese traders concluded their purchase because the grain market price was too high for them to continue buying grain.
At Busia border produce market, maize stabilized at Ksh.31 (Ugx.1,072/kg) while yellow beans at Ksh.76/kg (Ugx.2629). Red beans were purchased at Ksh.66/kg (Ugx.2283), Nambale beans at Ksh.69/kg (Ugx.2387/kg), mixed beans at Ksh.58/kg (Ugx.2012/kg). Other items that were demanded by traders from Kenya included Green grams at Ksh.55/kg (Ugx.1903/kg), sorghum and millet at Ksh.27/kg (Ugx.934) and Ksh.54/kg (Ugx.1868) respectively.
Meanwhile some farmers who planted early in Kiboga and Kyankwanzi noted a good germination rate for maize. The maize was reported at 1st weeding stage while the beans were at flowering stage. Beans prices were reported increasing day by day.
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