Maize destined for Mombasa as more Super rice cleared to Kampala.

June 27, 2018

Large maize millers in Mombasa purchased maize in big quantities. Most of the grain bought at Busia border post was reported heading to Voi- Mombasa Road.

Approximately 400MTof maize grain was purchased daily and informally at Ksh.19.5/kg (Ugx.748/kg). Apparently the demand for maize at Busia was not good and Kenyan farmers were not happy with the declining grain price. The worst scenery was when they could not find market for their maize.

Tanzania had food cross border restrictions from government last week which prohibited exports of super rice and importation of beans from Uganda. The super rice price, however, reduced drastically this week in Kampala indicating fresh supply of cleared rice from Tanzania via Mutukula border. The Tanzania Exporters Association, (Tanexa) noted that they were handling these items.

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