Maize and fresh staple prices increase.

April 20, 2015

Supply of fresh commodities in most Kampala markets such as fresh cassava and sweet potatoes declined. Fresh cassava and sweet potato supply to Kalerwe market dropped. Smaller pieces of sacks weighing about 80-100kgs were offered for sell at Ugx.70, 000-80,000.Fresh cassava bags weighing 150-160 kilos were sold at Ugx.160, 000-180,000 wholesale price.

Irish potatoes from Kisoro and Kabale were delivered to several Kampala markets at Ugx.130, 000-140,000 per 120 kg bag. In Nakawa market, fresh cassava was delivered from Kiboga, Masaka, Mbale, Kibaale,and Busoga region.Fresh cassava packed in polythene bags weighing 120-130 kilos was offered at Ugx.65000-70,000 per bag. The supply of sweet potatoes was very scarce and bags weighing approximately 120 kgs cost Ugx.100, 000 each. Elsewhere, the situation was not any different as the same weight sack of cassava was offered at wholesale price in Lira at Ugx.80, 000. Sweet potatoes were sold at Ugx.100, 000 each bag.

As expected, the maize price in Kampala increased from Ugx.810/kg the previous week to Ugx.850/kg this week. Traders received less maize which escalated into an increasing price trend for maize in Kampala, Lira and other locations.

At Busia border market, the maize price increased to Ksh.29kg (Ugx.913/kg) at the beginning of the week which excited the market and more maize was released to the market, however, towards the weekend, the price dropped to Ksh.27.5/kg (Ugx.866/kg) due to an overhauling supply.

Fair quality maize was bought at Ksh.27/kg (Ugx.850/kg) while mixed /least acceptable was bought at Ksh.26.5/kg (Ugx.834/kg). Approximately 700-900MT were bought daily throughout the week. Maisha Dolla and apparently Mombasa millers pitch camp at Busia purchasing and loading direct onto trailers destined for Kenya. This is a unique situation because instead of contracting Kenyan traders, the grain moguls in Kenya, have decided to buy maize direct from the Ugandan market at Busia border market.

The majority of maize delivered to Busia was registered from western Uganda and those who stocked grain in Bunyoli, Budama and parts of Busoga.

Planting continues country wide, however, in other areas like Kiboga and Kamwenge, farmers are weeding maize and beans at the same time. Maize price in Kiboga increased to Ugx.750/kg. Traders there have kept in touch with their counterparts at Busia enduring transport costs to deliver produce to Busia for a better price..

In Kamwenge, maize traders were holding on to their maize in anticipation for a better price in the near future. Plenty of maize grain is still with those who stored maize from the previous bumper harvest. They were quick to note that the market price was expected to decline by May when a lot of maize was to be released in search for school fees money. They further noted that it was the time when they expected the harvest estimates this season before getting to the peak in June. Maize was bought at Ugx.800/kg in Kamwenge town council.

In Gulu, maize was bought at Ugx.700/kg by mainly local millers in town. The Sudanese traders abandoned maize for cassava chips at Ugx.500/kg claiming it was too expensive.

There was high demand for beans in Gulu and Arua. Mixed beans were delivered to these two towns from Kisoro and Paidha. Some supply of Yellow beans was received from Congo at Ugx.2100/kg to traders in Arua central market. Mixed beans were bought at Ugx.1900/kg in the same market.

Farmers in Kamwenge are expecting a good beans harvest in one or one and half months if the rains continue well. They are currently weeding their plantations.

At Busia, yellow beans were bought at Ksh.78/kg (Ugx.2457/kg), Nambale at Ksh.69/kg (Ugx.2173), Red beans at Ksh.67/kg (Ugx.2110/kg) while mixed beans at Ksh.55/kg (Ugx.1733/kg).

An estimated 400-500MT of assorted beans were bought and delivered to Kenya. Beans are currently very expensive at Ugx.2800-3200/kg in Kampala. The beans price is expected to hike in May shortly before harvest later that month.

On the vegetable market in Kampala, tomato price registered a (ply) box weighing 120kg at Ugx.240, 000-250,000 in most Kampala markets. Supply was recorded from Luwero and Lugazi/Buikwe. Onions supply was low too and very expensive at wholesale a 100kgs sack at Ugx.200, 000. Supply was from Kisoro and Mbale.

The delivery of mangoes from Kenya is on the decline since the harvest from Luwero has started. Mangoes are still very expensive at Ugx.500 a piece.

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