The Central area of Karamoja covering Nakapiripirit, Moroto, and the southern part of Napak districts continued to receive rainfall in the opening weeks of June rendering most of the low laying arable areas water logged. Some districts in north of the region have reported dry episodes without rainfall in the final weeks leading to crop stress. In Nakapiripirt district, the crop stress was as a result of water logging.  

An increase in maize grain price in Napak district market was recorded from Ugx.3200/can to Ugx.3500/can weighing 3.5 kilos. Sorghum price was stable throughout the month of June at Ugx.3000/ can weighing 3.5kgs.Charcoal was offered at a high price of Ugx.45,000 per bag. Retailing charcoal in basins was also reported at an increased price of Ugx.8,000-10,000 depending on availability. The rainfall received during the early part of the month could not allow people to pick up more firewood and charcoal resulting in less supply.

In the livestock market, demand for animals to mark the Muslim Eid celebration was high leading to a temporary increment in livestock market prices. Big bulls’ price increased to Ugx.1.8-2M per animal. Goats and sheep sold much faster.

Indications of crop stress was visible in the district of Kotido as less rainfall was received during the month of June, however, plenty of fresh commodities were delivered into the district markets from Mbale/Soroti trade route. Lower grain prices for both maize and sorghum were recorded in June due to plenty stocked in the district stores that wasn’t bought off as traders speculated for better price. Maize grain price declined from Ugx.105,000 per bag at wholesale to Ugx.90,000.  A jug of maize grain cost Ugx.1800 during market days and was expected to drop further to Ugx.1500/ jug given the available supply from the stores within the district. Sorghum price equally reduced due to supply from the district stores and from Agago district. Fresh cassava was delivered from Teso sub region in plenty. Charcoal and firewood price were expensive at Ugx.45,000 per bag and Ugx.8000-10,000 a big bundle respectively.

More livestock sales were reported in Kotido district during the month of June compared to the previous month. Big bulls were offered at Ugx.1.5- 2Million. The Eid celebration registered more goat and sheep sales. On average 2-3 trucks of animals were loaded out of the market daily.

A reduction in the beans price was recorded in Amudat district as more supply was delivered from Mbale and Kapchorwa. Transit traders also delivered with them Irish potatoes and fresh cassava. K20 beans price declined from Ugx.5000-6000/kg to Ugx.3000-4000/kg at retail. The maize price was reported stable during the month of June at Ugx. 4000 per can weighing 3.5 kgs. In the livestock market, high prices were recorded during the Eid celebration as the Muslim community slaughtered animals for the day. Few transit traders in the livestock sector using trucks reached the market from Soroti/Mbale and beyond. More internal animal sales were reported within the district.    


During the month of June, Abim district reported the lowest maize price at Ugx.600/kg. The current supply of maize realized from stores in the district is likely to drop the grain price lower at Ugx.500/kg. Similarly sorghum supply was good rending the market price low at Ugx.400/kg.

Fresh cassava was also reported in plenty throughout the month of June. A bigger heap weighing 1.8kgs was offered at Ugx.1000 retail price. Other fresh items were not adequately supplied to the market. Rice and beans were offered at higher price.

The Livestock markets were open however, very few animals got the market. Internal selling amongst locals took place within the district. Offer to sell prices were stable and similar to the previous month’s prices. Goat and sheep prices increased mid-month because of Idd festival. 

Fresh cassava was harvested from within the district during June. Very low supply of sweet potatoes got to the market. Newly harvested beans were supplied to the district during the closing weeks of the month from Mbale.

Declining grain prices were reported during June for the district markets in Kaabong. The available maize grain supply from the district stores was offered at a lower price. The women farmer groups continued to sell off their grain in a bid to raise funds acquired form Post Bank to supply W.F.P last season.   A can of maize weighing 3.5 kilo declined from Ugx.3000 to Ugx.2800 at retail. Sorghum price was maintained stable at Ugx.3000/can. Beans were offered cheaper from Mbale at Ugx.2500-3000/kg compared to Ugx.4000/kg in the previous month. Very low supply of fresh cassava was registered from Mbale pushing the price higher. Minimum livestock trading activities were reported in June 2024. Some cattle trading was done outside the designated locations. Pockets of insecurity regarding cattle theft were mentioned in Kaaabong district.

Effects of above normal rainfall were evident in the gardens as the crop turn yellow due to a lot of water in the low laying arable areas in Nakapiripirit district and some parts of southern Karamoja. Other districts that were affected included Moroto, Nabilatuk and Napak. The seasonal crop has been affected badly and could have a heavy impact on the food security situation of the district. Apparently sorghum price was reported stable at Ugx.3000/ can weighing 3.3kgs

Transit traders from Mbale delivered maize grain at Ugx.105,000 per bag. During market days, maize was offered at Ugx.3500 per can weighing 3.5 kilos rendering the maize grain price high at Ugx.1000/kg. The district also mentioned pockets of insecurity along the road. Increasing grain price was reported in Nakapiripirit district compared to Ugx.3000/can in May, 2024. Some newly harvested beans reached the market from within, however, supply was mainly from Mbale. The food basket was further facilitated by traders delivering cassava and sweet potatoes from Mbale. Good supply of banana and matooke from within the district was reported. Medium size bunch of matooke cost Ugx.18,000. Newly harvested Irish potatoes from Kapchorwa got to the market at Ugx.1500/kg. Declining charcoal and firewood prices were reported.  Reducing animal prices were recorded in Nakapiripirit with an exception of the Eid celebration. Big bulls were offered at Ugx.1.1M from Ugx.1.5M previously.

Maize grain was equally offered cheaper in Moroto district in the month of June compared to what was in the month of May. A can of maize weighing 3.5 kilos cost Ugx.2800 while Sorghum was cheaper than maize at Ugx.2700-2800 per can. Some beans harvesting was mentioned within the district, however, majority of supply was delivered from Mbale. K20 beans were offered at Ugx.3500/kg. Other varieties like mixed beans were much cheaper at Ugx.2000/kg. Other commodities delivered from outside the district included Irish potatoes and matooke at Ugx.1700-1800/Kg and Ugx.28,000 per bunch. Good quality maize flour was also offered low at Ugx.2000/kg retail price. Fresh cassava was in plenty and therefore cheaper at Ugx.1000 per heap.

Increasing firewood price was recorded at Ugx.8,000 for the month of June while a bag of charcoal reduced Ugx.15,000 each. In the livestock market, few transit traders turned out during the month of June due to impassable roads and pockets of insecurity, however, the rainfall stopped mid-month and weather conditions turned dry. The animal offer prices declined after the Eid feast to Ugx.1million for a big bull.

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