Regular rainfall spiced with sunny days was received in the majority of Karamoja region during the month of May. Cultivation of staple crops continues with backfilling of crops that did not germinate while others in general are weeding their crops. Cultivation is expected to continue until June. There is an indication of a good crop for most staples if the rains continue into the season. Animal raids from the sanctuary will affect the seasonal crop especially in the districts surrounding Kidepo National Park.

The district of Napak registered declining sorghum prices from Ugx.3000/can to Ugx.2500/can weighing 3.5kgs. Sorghum was reported from within the district produce stores and a bit of supply from Acholi sub-region. Apparently the maize price rose from Ugx.3000/can weighing 3.5kgs to Ugx.3500/can during the course of the month. A decline in price for cassava flour was also registered especially during the close of the month to Ugx.850/kg at wholesale. A number of beans varieties were offered in Napak between Ugx.2000-3500/kg. Posho and rice prices declined slightly. Fresh cassava was in plenty throughout the month of May from within the district and the price per heap also declined to Ugx.1000. Charcoal and firewood prices increased drastically given the restriction on tree cutting and the intensification of cultivation. 

In the livestock market, very low trading activities were reported due to effects of cattle raiding but also the mention of foot and mouth disease within the district. Big bulls were offered at Ugx.1,500,000-1,700,000 while medium size sold at Ugx.900,000-1,200,000. Goats and sheep were reported at a stable price compared to the previous month’s price.

Weeding was reported in most locations of Kotido district and cultivation is expected to continue until June. Several food items were reported from outside the region via the major trade routes of Agago/Pader, Patongo, Mbale, Teso and Kapchorwa. Stable grain prices were reported during the month especially for sorghum and millet. Apparently maize grain price increased gradually to Ugx.2400/jug from Ugx.2100/kg. Newly harvested beans were reported delivered to the town market from Lira and Mbale. K20 beans cost Ugx.4500/kg while Yellow beans at Ugx.5000/kg at retail. Food supply from outside the region was also recorded from Lira, Pader and Mbale-Teso trade routes. Plenty of fresh cassava was supplied onto the local market from Teso sub-region, Abim district and Mbale district. Sweet potatoes were very scarce and a few pieces made a heap usually offered at Ugx.2000. Firewood and charcoal prices registered an increase from Ugx.6000 to Ugx.10,000-15,000 and Ugx.20,000 to 45,000 respectively.

Very low animal trading was registered during the month in Kotido livestock market which is the main livestock market for the entire region. Only 2-3 trucks were loaded out of the market during market days. The long distance travel via Moroto district to check on cattle rustling was noted to be one of the reasons for low trading. 

Maize grain price in Amudat district was reported stable at Ugx.4000/can weighing 3.5kgs. Maize flour price fluctuated between Ugx.2500-2600/kg. Beans prices increased to Ugx.5000-6000/kg at retail. Commodities that recorded price increase included firewood at Ugx.7000/bunch, charcoal at Ugx.30000/bag. Limited supply of fresh commodities such as cassava and potatoes were received in the district markets during the month of May. In the livestock markets, reduction in animal sales and offer price were recorded during the month. More animals were offered for sale in Amudat district. Big bulls cost Ugx.1,200,000 while medium sized bulls cost Ugx.1,000,000. Sheep and goat reported stable price during the month at Ugx.100,000-150,000 per head.

Less production of staple crops was mentioned during the month of May in Abim district. Farmers were also reported weeding. Plenty of fresh cassava was harvested from within the district during May. Very low supply of sweet potatoes were reported from within the district. Matooke and Irish were rarely supplied from Soroti and Mbale. Newly harvested beans were supplied to the district during the closing weeks of the month from Mbale. K20 beans cost Ugx.3500/kg while Yellow beans cost Ugx.4000/kg at retail. Other varieties such as mixed beans were cheaper at Ugx.2000/kg. Sorghum was reported stable at Ugx.1000/kg when compared to April prices. Charcoal prices increased in the course of the month. Very low animal sales were reported during the month of May. Due to cattle travel restrictions, big bulls cost Ugx.1,500,000-Ugx.1,700,000 while goats and sheep cost Ugx.60,000-250,000 per head respectively depending on size. No truckloads of animals were recorded out of the market during the month of May.

More maize grain was available to the market after less purchase was reported for relief. Women stockists in the local stores for the district had more grain which was pushed to the market rendering cheaper maize grain prices during the month of May. Lower maize grain price is expected in the near future (June) as a lot continues to be offered to the market. Maize flour was also rendered cheaper compared to the previous month’s price. Likewise plenty of fresh cassava was delivered from Teso sub-region and no sweet potatoes. Irish and Matooke were reported from Mbale at Ugx.2000/kg and Ugx.25,000-35,000 per bunch respectively. Uniquely, there were no beef prices reported on the market as butchers only offered goats meat prices at Ugx.14,000-15,000/kg. No cattle sales were recorded in the designated markets. Some trading was mentioned on personal basis.

Reduced rainfall was reported during the month of May in Nakapiripirit district compared to the late April rains that were beyond normal rains which led to flooding in some lower parts of the district. Good yields have been speculated for the season if regular rains continue to July especially for sorghum, maize, groundnuts, rice and bananas.

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