High volumes of maize grain were recorded at the regional cross border market in Busia. An estimated 1000Mt of grain was traded daily throughout the past week. Good quality maize grain was offered at Ksh.29/kg. (Ugx.1015), Fair quality at Ksh.28.5/kg (Ugx.997) while the least acceptable quality usually for animal feeds at Ksh.22.7/kg (Ugx.794)

The grain market price increased to Ugx.920/kg in Kampala. A lot of supply was received from different production areas such as Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Masindi, Mubende and Kyegegwa. The quality had greatly improved and most grain buying houses started stocking maize in Kampala. Maize was reported cheap in Lira, Soroti and Kyankwanzi districts at Ugx.700/kg.

In the eastern region especially Teso sub region, the southern areas had completed harvesting while the upper area, harvesting was going on. Therefore preparation for, planting and harvesting were all occurring at the same time. In Masindi AfgriKai bought maize at their stores at Ugx.800/kg.

Maize trading was also reported at Mutukula where some Tanzanian traders bought maize at Ugx.960/kg.

Some newly harvested beans were received on the Kampala market from Hoima at Ugx.3300/kg. wholesale. Long Nambale was bought in Owino Kampala at Ugx.2800-3000/kg wholesale. Short Nambale and Masavu (sugar) beans were offered at Ugx.3300/kg. Mixed beans were cheap at Ugx.2700-2800/kg.

At the regional border market of Busia, less beans sale was registered due to scarcity of beans. The market here received only about 300Mt of assorted beans daily. Volumes traded have been on a decline gradually. Yellow beans were preferred at Ksh.97/kg (Ugx.3395), Nambale beans were offered at Ksh.79/kg (Ugx.2765), Red Wailimu beans at Ksh.70/kg (Ugx.2450) and Mixed beans at Ksh.65/kg (Ugx.2275).

Other commodities demanded by Kenyan transit traders included Sorghum at Ksh.25/kg (Ugx.875), Millet at Ksh.32/kg (Ugx.1120), Dry cassava at Ksh.20/kg (Ugx.700), Soya beans at Ksh.49/kg (Ugx.1715), groundnuts at Ksh.145/kg (Ugx.5075),green grams at Ksh.86/kg (Ugx.3010) and simsim at Ksh.135/kg (Ugx.4725). 

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