Grain price stabilizes low.

September 12, 2018

Stable maize grain market prices were recorded in most locations. In Kampala the maize price was stable at Ugx.380-390/Kg. In Kiboga-Kyankwanzi grain buyers bought from stores at Ugx.260-270/kg. It was noted that the volume of grain from the past harvest season has declined greatly. Meanwhile the newly planted maize in Kiboga is at weeding stage especially those who planted early. The beans in the area have flowered.

In Mubende, the coffee harvest was around the corner and some mischievous farmers had started harvesting premature coffee beans. Likewise, the maize price stabilized at Ugx.280/kg.

In Kamwenge, abundant maize supply was ferried by Rwandese traders to Rwamagana for food, animal feed and brewing. Several truck loads left Kamwenge on a daily basis. An estimated 20-30 trucks every day. These traders also bought dry cassava chips from Kibaale.

These traders preferred good quality grain white and well dried without any other colour. Maize was also out sourced from as far as Kasese, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi and Kagadi. They bought maize at Ugx.360-370/kg in Kamwenge and cheaper in Kagadi and Kyankwanzi. In the course of the week, the grain price was reduced in Kigali which impacted on the local purchase price greatly. It is estimated that the maize grain price will fall to Ugx.320/kg in Kamwenge because of the adjustment on tax levied at the border point when delivering to Kigali. The traders in Kamwenge noted Rwanda was not the final destination for most of the maize. It went beyond to Burundi and Congo.

At the regional produce hub in Busia, an increased volume of assorted beans crossing the border line was reported.  An estimated 500Mt of assorted beans were recorded daily. Yellow beans were preferred at Ksh.50/kg (Ugx.1875), Nambale at Ksh.48/kg (Ugx.1800), Mixed beans at Ksh.37/kg (Ugx.1389), Red beans at Ksh.41.4/kg (Ugx.1556) and Kidney beans at Ksh41/kg (Ugx.1537).

Good quality maize was demanded at Ksh.13/kg (Ugx.487) while the least acceptable quality at Ksh.11.5/kg (Ugx.412).

Mbarara central market received millet and maize from Isingiro and Ibanda at Ugx.1400/kg and Ugx.450/kg respectively. Dry cassava from the Isingiro cost Ugx.450/kg.

In the fresh market section, Matooke price was on the rise. In the villages 30km away from town council, bunches cost Ugx.10,000 farm gate price. In Mbrarara town matooke cost Ugx.20,000-30,000 per bunch depending on size. Small bunches sold fast at Ugx.7000-8000 per bunch.

In Kampala the matooke price increased and less was received compared to last month’s volume. Bunches were offered at Ugx.20,000-35,000 depending on size.

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