Fresh food supply affects maize price in Kampala.

May 1, 2018

More supply of staple food in the market has affected the maize grain price low. As we tend towards the first harvest season (June) the situation should indicate a higher price because it’s off season. However the reverse is true in several markets due to bumper harvest last year and abundant supply of fresh food like cassava and potatoes. Maize continued to fluctuate low between Ugx.650-670/kg because of low demand. A 10 kilo bag was offered at Ugx.15,000 while a kilo retailed at Ugx.1600-2000.

Both rural and town traders continue speculating for better price which is not likely go over Ugx.800/kg based on the trend for the last 3 years excluding 2017. A lot of maize grain is still held by traders yet the market is slow. It believed that the seasonal harvest should be out by June/July. It is forecasted that the grain price will fluctuate between Ugx.500-800/kg until the harvest season opens.

Fresh cassava, sweet potatoes and matooke supplies were well registered in Kampala and other district markets. Plenty of matooke was delivered and bunches retailed at Ugx.15000-40,000. A sack full of matooke fingers weighing approximately 120kgs cost Ugx.180,000-190,000 indicating a decline in price compared to March prices. A sack weighing 300kgs of sweet potatoes or fresh cassava cost Ugx.120,000-150,000 wholesale price.

Irish potatoes and onions were very scarce and highly priced at Ugx.150,000-180,000 and Ugx.400,000 per bag respectively. Some supply for both items was received from neighboring Kenya.

Passion fruits and Tomatoes were also highly priced especially the purple passion variety grown in Masaka at Ugx.800,000 per sack weighing approximately 60-80kgs. A ply box weighing 70-80kgs full of tomatoes cost Ugx.250,000 delivered to market.

Some newly harvested beans supply reached the market from Rwanda, Kasese and Buhwezzu. Newly harvested yellow cost Ugx.3500/kg while old stocked at Ugx.3000/kg. Nabe 1 (Short Nambale ) freshly harvested from Kasese and Buhwezzu cost Ugx.3000/kg. Old stock beans were offered at Ugx.2500-2800/kg depending on quality. Prices were lower in the rural/town markets were they had not received newly harvested beans. The beans price is however expected to drop in the near future as the first seasonal harvest starts soon.

In the fish sector, the price gradually declined due to good supply .A kilo of Nile Parch fell to Ugx.9,500 wholesale compared to 12,000 during scarcity. When no catch or low supply is registered, it hikes to Ugx.13,000/kg wholesale price.

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