An estimated 1500-1700Mt of sorted maize grain was traded off daily indicating an increased demand at the regional hub. The market reported continuous supply of the old stocked grain from the previously season. Apparently the grain buying has been stable for the past 4 weeks.

Good quality maize was offered at Ugx.849/kg (Ksh.29) while fair quality at Ugx.820/kg (Ksh.28). The least accepted grain quality usually for animal feed cost Ugx.791/kg (Ksh.27) This increment in price and fast trading of maize from Uganda was as a result of declined Tanzanian maize grain supply on the regional market at a slightly high market price.

Declining beans prices were recorded during the same week with less than 500-700Mt of assorted beans variety. Yellow beans highly demanded at this regional market dropped from Ugx.3744/kg (Ksh.130) to Ugx.3516/kg (Ksh.120), Nambale short beans price reduced from Ugx.3600/kg (Ksh.125) to Ugx.3457/kg (Ksh118), Red Wailimu beans from Ugx.2592/kg (Ksh.90) to Ugx.2373/kg (Ksh.81), mixed beans from Kisoro dropped from Ugx. 2851(Ksh.99) to Ugx.2725/kg (Ksh.93). Other commodities demanded by the Kenyan traders at Busia included millet at Ugx.2226/kg (Ksh.76), red sorghum at Ugx.937/kg (Ksh.32), white sorghum at Ugx.791/kg (Ksh.27), soya bean at Ugx.2344/kg (Ksh.80), green grams at Ugx.2490/kg (Ksh.85) and groundnuts at Ugx.5567/kg (Ksh.190)

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