Brisk maize trading at Busia.

January 16, 2018

The market registered plenty of maize grain purchased at Busia border post market. Over 1500-2000 Mt of grain were sold and received by Kenyan traders daily destined for a number of locations across the border. Good quality maize grain was bought at Ksh.22/kg (Ugx.772) while fair quality at Ksh.21.5/kg (Ugx.754). The least acceptable quality sold at Ksh.20.7/kg (Ugx.726). Apparently this market trend has been going on for some time since late last year through Christmas festive season.

In Kampala, the grain price fluctuated between Ugx.680 and Ugx.700/kg throughout the week. The grain price declined from the previous week’s price of Ugx.750/kg. The volume of trade going on at Busia was noted as having had a direct impact on the price in Kampala. Traders in the city noted that once the demand for grain is high in Busia, the Kampala price will automatically decline.

Gulu registered some traders from South Sudan consolidating small stocks of maize in different areas. They bought maize at the market price of Ugx.600/kg. In Lira it was offered at Ugx.650/kg. The cheapest grain was on sale in Masindi and Mubende at Ugx.550/kg, however, it increased to Ugx.600/kg in Mubende with more buyer presence.  Kiboga/Kyankwanzi had its maize slightly more costly at Ugx.570/kg wholesale.

Rwandese traders also bought red sorghum from a number of locations stretching from Soroti, Kumi, Bukedea, Busia and other towns in the eastern region. It cost Ksh.25.5/kg (Ugx.895) in Busia. Cheaper sorghum was recorded in Masindi, Gulu and Soroti at Ugx.600-650/kg wholesale price.

The volume of beans bought at Busia border post market reduced as demand for maize escalated. Only 300-400Mt of assorted varieties of beans were bought daily for reason that the margin on maize was higher given the volume /tonnage the same amount would fetch for beans.

Yellow beans cost Ksh.66/kg (Ugx.2316) while Nambale beans (nabe1) at Ksh.54/kg (Ugx.1895). Red and mixed beans were bought at Ksh.47/kg (Ugx.1649) and Ksh.41/kg (Ugx.1439) respectively.

The traders were also interested in millet from Lira, Gulu and Arua due to the quality from this region. They offered to buy it at Ksh.53/kg (Ugx.1860) while the qualities from other areas such as Ntungamo and Ibanda at Ksh.48/kg (Ugx.1684).

Other commodities demanded at this border market were Soya beans at Ksh.39/kg (Ugx.1368), green gram at Ksh.70/kg (Ugx.2457), groundnuts at Ksh.135/kg (Ugx.4738) and dry cassava chips at Ksh.29/kg (Ugx.1015).

The price of beans in Masindi was noted on the rise at Ugx.2200-2500/kg wholesale price. Traders sourced for beans from Kampala markets at Ugx.1800-2400/kg wholesale depending on the variety and quality. Other beans producing areas registered similar prices between Ugx.1800-2400/kg at wholesale level.

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