Beans price at its lowest in the last 5 years.

June 4, 2018

The beans market price dropped to its lowest in the last 5 years. Plenty of beans were supplied to Kampala markets. Apparently the market price was not yet as its lowest because several locations that planted beans were yet to deliver beans to the market due to rainfall received in some locations and therefore not yet dry. 

A kilo of Nabe1 (Short Nambale) beans preferred for cooking fast was offered at wholesale price of Ugx.1,300/kg. Nabe4 (Long Nambale) beans usually cheaper were bought at Ugx.1,200-1,250/kg in Owino market. Yellow beans were bought at Ugx.1,600-1,700/kg at wholesale in the same market.

The beans price was this low back in 2014, in the first season when the market price registered this same variety at Ugx.1,200-1,250/kg. Throughout the season to July 2014 the price was stable but later increased to Ugx.1,450/kg in August of the same year.

More supply will be expected in the short run as the weather gets dry, however, the market will increase after stocking the beans from this harvest season.

At Busia produce border post market, demand for grain was good. Over 600MT of maize grain was purchased every day. Stock piles of maize previously held by traders were realized. Fresh maize on cob was offered at Ugx.500. Good quality maize was bought at Ksh.19.7/kg (Ugx.724/kg) and the least acceptable quality at Ksh.18.5/kg (Ugx.680/kg)

An estimated 500MT of assorted beans were sold daily and the demand for beans was good. Yellow beans declined from Ksh.52/kg (Ugx.1913) to Ksh.48/kg (Ugx.1766). Nambale and mixed beans were offered at Ksh.40/kg (Ugx.1472) down to Ksh.36/kg (Ugx.1324) and Ksh.35/kg (Ugx.1288). Red beans were offered at Ksh.37/kg (Ugx.1361) millet at Ksh.40/kg (Ugx.1472), Red sorghum at Ksh.18/kg (Ugx.662), green grams at Ksh.40 (1472), Soya at Ksh.49/kg (Ugx.1803).

Currently the market at Busia was reported receiving freshly harvested green grams. Their maize and beans harvest is ready esp. around Meru. 

Meanwhile at Mukutula border post, super rice and groundnuts were received at Ugx.2800-3000/kg and Ugx.3500/kg respectively. In Arua, the groundnut harvest continues and wholesale price was registered at Ugx.3200/kg. Supply from the above markets has rendered the Kampala groundnut price stable at Ugx.4000/kg wholesale.

Plenty of super rice was received from Tanzania in Kampala which dropped the price to Ugx.2950/kg wholesale.   

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