Kenya maize flows back to Uganda.

November 21, 2016

When the maize grain price shot to a record high of Ugx.1250/kg in Kampala, the Kenyan traders were excited and delivered maize that they have been buying over the last few months together with their Kitale harvest. In Kampala, this week, the price rose to Ugx.1270/kg off lorry. Approximately, between 1-3 trailers were delivered to…

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Maize price at its highest and increasing

November 15, 2016

Food prices have continued to soar high after drought relate condition effects. Maize price increased to Ugx.1270/kg in Kampala’s grain markets. This was it’s highest ever. The maize price is expected to increase to its highest in December before the new harvest is opened.The increased grain price affected maize flour price high to Ugx.1900-2000/kg at…

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Slow grain trade as planting and weeding continues

October 4, 2016

The current rainfall received in different parts of the country has been forecasted to continue or even intensify throughout September by the Meteological Department. Some farmers are planting while the “early planters” are weeding mainly maize and beans. The market is very sure less grain will be received in the near future as the price…

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Maize price in Kampala drops due to increased supply.

September 28, 2016

Maize supply to Kampala’s main grain market increased drastically at the beginning of the previous week after the grain price increased to Ugx.1000-1020/kg in Kisenyi market. Several rural grain stockists then rushed to supply Kampala. Currently it’s selling at Ugx.940/kg Grain trading at Busia regional border market was recorded low. Less than 50MT of maize…

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Maize price on the rise.

September 19, 2016

The much anticipated rise in the maize sector finally took effect this week. Mid week, it quickly rose to Ugx.1000/kg in Kisenyi dry grain market. By the close of business for the week, Kisenyi registered Ugx.1020/kg. When talked to, the traders indicated that there was no maize in the production areas and that it took…

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Maize price increases and expected higher.

September 5, 2016

Major supply of maize was received from Masindi-Kigumba and Fort Portal at the beginning of the week in Kampala. The quality was better in terms of moisture content, however, the price increased from the previous week price of Ugx.800/kg to Ugx.820/kg. As the week ended, the price increased slightly to Ugx.830/kg. In the same market,…

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