Less commodity supply slows down trading.

March 22, 2017

Given the nature of season, there was low supply of commodities to the market. Planting continued where sufficient rainfall was received in different parts of the country. In Kampala, there was fluctuation of maize price due to irregular deliveries of grain. It started at Ugx.1420/kg and later declined to Ugx.1380/kg. The grain price stabilized at…

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Commodity price rally due to reduced supply.

March 12, 2017

Speculation has it that commodity prices will increase until the first early harvest probably late May. The maize price in several locations increased but exceptionally in Kampala to Ugx.1420/kg. It wasn’t possible to estimate how much grain was still with the rural traders; however, valuation of grain price was expected in the near future as…

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Kenyan Traders back to Uganda for Maize.

January 17, 2017

After a while, maize produce business emerged at Busia as Kenyan traders returned to Uganda in search for maize. Apparently, some grain trade has been going on especially for beans, sorghum, millet, green grams etc. but not for maize. It has been a while since the visiting traders wandered off purchasing maize because they had…

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Staple food price on the rise

January 12, 2017

There was slow maize trade at Busia regional market as 2017 was ushered in. Kenya still has some maize from the previous season. Ugandan maize was considered more expensive or highly priced compared to the Kenyan grain. Very little grain was delivered from Bunyoli area to Busia produce market and was purchased internally to cater…

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Kenya maize flows back to Uganda.

November 21, 2016

When the maize grain price shot to a record high of Ugx.1250/kg in Kampala, the Kenyan traders were excited and delivered maize that they have been buying over the last few months together with their Kitale harvest. In Kampala, this week, the price rose to Ugx.1270/kg off lorry. Approximately, between 1-3 trailers were delivered to…

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Maize price at its highest and increasing

November 15, 2016

Food prices have continued to soar high after drought relate condition effects. Maize price increased to Ugx.1270/kg in Kampala’s grain markets. This was it’s highest ever. The maize price is expected to increase to its highest in December before the new harvest is opened.The increased grain price affected maize flour price high to Ugx.1900-2000/kg at…

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