Maize season opens as plenty of beans supplied.

June 14, 2017

Very limited supply of maize grain was received in Gulu market and there was no mention of new maize in Gulu. A kilo of maize cost Ugx.1700/kg. Apparently the market price for maize in Lira was registered at Ugx.1550/kg. In Iganga the maize price dropped to Ugx.1200/kg and most of the supply was bought off by traders from Kampala, Jinja and Busia.
Masindi likewise started delivering newly harvested maize to the market. Harvesting is expected to continue until the end of July. The Maize price is expected to drop as low as Ugx,600/kg at farmgate in Masindi. This area started harvesting groundnuts. A sack full of unshelled groundnuts weighing 50kgs cost Ugx.70,000. A few stores in Mubende were still hoarding maize in order to maximize profit margin.
Those who planted early in Kiboga and Kyankwanzi and near water sources had started harvesting maize. The newly harvested maize cost Ugx.1200/kg. The yield in Kamwenge was affected by drought, but registered new season start price at Ugx.1300/kg while old stocked gain at Ugx.1600/kg.
At Busia border produce hub, a lot of maize was received from different locations. Demand for maize was very high and an estimated 500MT of maize were bought daily throughout the week. Newly harvested maize was bought at Ksh.42/kg (Ugx.1440) while the old stock at Ksh.51/kg (Ugx.1749/Kg). Most of the newly harvested supply was delivered from Busoga region. The traders did not mind the high moisture content level displayed in the new maize.
In Kampala, the old stocked grain was bought at Ugx.1730/kg after declining from Ugx.1750/kg at the beginning of the week. New maize was bought at Ugx.1500/kg in the same market. The increase in matooke supply experienced currently will most likely affect the consumption of posho. Therefore the maize flour price was expected to decline in the short run.
In the beans section, more supply was registered in major markets such as Busia, Kampala, Mbale e.t.c. At Busia, about 1500MT of assorted beans were purchased daily towards the end of week. Yellow beans were preferred at Ksh.63/kg (Ugx.2160) , Nambale at Ksh.56/kg (Ugx.1920).Mixed beans at Ksh.46/kg (Ugx.1577) and Red beans at Ksh.54/kg (Ugx.1852). Other items demanded at Busia border post market included red sorghum at Ksh.45/kg (Ugx,1543) and cassava chips at Ksh.46/kg (Ugx.1577)
In Kampala markets, the beans price declined again to Ugx.1600-2200/kg at wholesale. The cheapest beans on the market cost Ugx.1600/kg (mixed). Yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2200-2300/kg wholesale price while long Nambale at Ugx.1850-1900/kg. Short Nambale (Nabe1) was most preferred at Ugx.1900-1950/kg.
Millet from Ethiopia finally got to Kampala via Busia/Madera and the market price declined to Ugx.2500-2600/kg wholesale. Yellow beans were registered from Masindi and Hoima at Ugx.1800/kg wholesale. They were offered at a higher price in Gulu and Lira at Ugx.2500/kg and Ugx.2300/kg respectively.
Traders from Kampala delivered beans as far as Karamoja region. Short Nambale, K20 and yellow beans were offered at Ugx.2500-2700/kg in Kangole -Napak district.
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