Maize price slumps as regional traders arrive for the same.

June 19, 2017

Newly harvest maize has finally hit Kampala and its suburbs and as expected the price dropped from Ugx.1650/kg to Ugx.1250/kg. A few trucks arrived in Kisenyi market loaded with maize and beans from all production locations. The quality apparently was not very good because the maize was still moisten.
There are speculations that the volume of grain out there this season, is enormous but was highly affected by the dry weather conditions. Old stock maize continued to fetch a high price of Ugx1500/kg. This reduction in price has already had an effect on other commodity prices which are more or less substitutes. Fresh cassava and sweet potatoes prices are declining compared to the 1st quarter 2017 prices.
Rwandese traders arrived in Kamwenge and Mubende to pick up maize which was reported ready at a start price of Ugx.1200/kg.
Northern markets such as Gulu, Lira and Arua were found higher compared other markets because the harvest there was not yet ready.
At the regional produce border market in Busia, large volumes of produce was registered flowing towards Kenya. Over 500MT of maize was bought every day throughout the previous week destined to Kenya.
Good quality maize grain was bought at Ksh.34/kg (Ugx.1166) compared to Ksh.42/kg (Ugx.1440) previous week, while fair quality at Ksh.32/kg (Ugx.1097). The least acceptable quality was bought at Ksh.30/kg (Ugx.1029).
In Masindi maize was harvested and offered at a start price of Ugx.800/kg. The yield is good and traders talked to noted that the purchase price was expected to drop as low as Ugx.600/kg probably by the end of July when the season will be at its highest. Maize was recorded cheaper in Mbale, Mubende and Kiboga.
The market continued to receive millet from Ethiopia via Madera-Kenya at Busia. Old stock millet was bought at Ksh.75/kg while the newly harvested one at Ksh65/kg. Sorghum and cassava chips were bought at Ksh.35 (Ugx.1200) and 37/kg (Ugx.1269) respectively.
Plenty of matooke was received and the general market recorded a decline in price between Ugx.15/000 – 30,000 per bunch depending on size.
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