Low demand for maize grain

February 17, 2012

Slow produce grain purchase at the Uganda-Kenya Busia border market continued this week at a similar market price compared to the previous week. Good quality maize was bought at Ksh.18.5/kg (Ugx.549/kg), fair quality at Ksh.17/kg (Ugx.504/kg) and the least acceptable quality at Ksh.15/kg (Ugx.445/kg). Less than 400 MT of maize was bought daily throughout the…

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Second maize harvest season anticipated early, as beans supply intensifies in Kampala

November 10, 2011

The much anticipated bumper 2nd harvest season 2014 was expected in early December. However, reports from the field indicate that it might open as early as November. This situation is expected to distort the market price because traders had forecasted the first season peak around the same time. This calls for thorough planning especially for…

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New beans supply on the market

October 10, 2011

Several markets reported newly harvested beans on the market. In Lira, Nambale beans were offered at Ugx.1350/kg while small black beans were much cheaper at Ugx1200/kg. Kampala markets also reported receiving beans from Kamudin, Kibaale, Lira and Kyankwanzi districts. Short Nambale (Nabe1) was offered at Ugx.1350-1400/kg wholesale price while long Nambale (Nabe4) at Ugx.1250-1300/kg depending…

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